From our CEO

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to explore our website!

The Pride Group is an incredible organization and this has been true long before my journey here began. When I started in 2017 one thing I realized very quickly was the steadfast dedication and commitment our staff has to support the members we serve.

But maybe you’re wondering “why The Pride Group”? At The Pride Group, we utilize our Resident First Philosophy, consistently encouraging activities and living situations that offer as much independence as possible. As we watch members who initially start at our RCF level of care transition to smaller homes, find jobs in the community, and often move out on their own, it’s easy to see the successes we’re able to accomplish year after year. The list of individual achievements that occur each and every day during that process is long and impossible to convey in just one excerpt from me.

I could go on to tell you how we effectively operate our budget or show you a number of our safe and well-staffed community homes, but that’s not how I measure our worth. I assess the value of this organization based on the outcomes of our members and our devoted staff who meet their needs and support them achieving their goals. The mission of The Pride Group is to help the members we serve to achieve an excellent quality of life in a community setting. And for us, that’s the focus every day.

Welcome to The Pride Group community, we are delighted to have you.

Sarah Jackson

Chief Executive Officer